The SASGOG Pipeline Project is an initiative to inform residents who are interested in pursuing a career as an academic generalist about SASGOG and its many activities. Through interaction with current SASGOG members at the annual meeting and through resident membership in SASGOG, residents will develop relationships with potential mentors and role models who will help them explore this exciting and diverse career path.


Resident Reporter Program: Through a generous grant from Hologic, selected residents are funded to attend the SASGOG national meeting and the SASGOG Scientific Session at the ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting. Now in its third year, participants receive support for airfare, housing, registration and food at these meetings. Resident reporters are matched with SASGOG member mentors and are to submit their reflections on what they gleaned from their experience. These essays are then posted on the SASGOG website to inform other residents of the opportunities available through SASGOG.

Resident Reporter Breakfast: At the SASGOG Annual Meeting, a special session is set aside to welcome our Resident Reporters and all other residents who have come to the meeting. This session helps to orient them to the opportunities available over the course of the session and allows them to meet the other residents that are attending.

Networking Lunch at the Annual Meeting: Tables will be reserved at the Annual Meeting Networking Lunch to allow all residents attending the meeting to get together to share and compare their experiences. SASGOG members will be there to address any questions the group may have and discuss how to launch a career as an academic generalist.