January 31, 2020

Hello SASGOG Members,

Well, we have just rung in the New Year and a new decade has begun. If the past year was any indication, the next decade is a going to be a great one for SASGOG. For those of you who have been with the organization since the beginning and for those of you who have recently joined, SASGOG, I would opine is moving out of its adolescence into adulthood. 

We have developed the structure and support through our Veritas team to provide vast opportunities to our members and member institutions. We are standing by our mission and continue to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the academic generalist. Let me take a moment to catch you up on a few of those things.

Pearls of Excellence

The Foundation for Exxcellence in Women’s Health has finished the transition of the Pearls of Exxcellence to SASGOG under the leadership of Eduardo Lara-Torre and Ola Famuyide. In addition, the Foundation for Exxcellence has graciously provided significant financial support to SASGOG through this transition.  The Pearls are an essential contribution to the specialty and provide writing opportunities to our members. 

Research Course

The Foundation for Exxcellence provided a development grant to SASGOG to explore a research course for the specialty. Over the next few months, leaders in our field will convene to explore and assess needs, potential curricula, leadership and faculty of a new longitudinal research course for our members as well as other subspecialty junior faculty pursuing an academic career.


Under the leadership of Todd Jenkins, SASGOG will pursue its fourth publication focusing on gynecologic surgery. Additionally, Pam Berens will lead the Publications Committee to seek additional opportunities for SASGOG members in publications. SASGOG will assume responsibility for several Foundation for Exxcellence publications offering more resources and opportunities for scholarship to our membership.


Our Mentorship Committee lead by Meg Autry, has continued to develop our pipeline program. Under the leadership of Marygrace Elson and Anh Nguyen our Mentorship Mingle at our annual meeting has led to valuable ongoing relationships. The Resident Reporter program lead by Chris Morosky, continues to grow and the continued support of Hologic in an unrestricted educational grant had been beneficial in bringing 10 Resident Reporters to our annual meeting.


Our volunteer sourcing initiative to populate the working committees of SASGOG has led to greater opportunities and involvement of a broad swath of members. Look for the upcoming request. 

Research Committee

The Research Task Force has evolved into a Research Committee. As a formal committee they are charged to support the research interests of our organization and have played a formal role nationally on the Consortium. This year we have more than 70 abstracts submitted for our annual meeting.

Annual Meeting - April 23, 2020

Under the leadership of Art Ollendorff and the Program Committee, this year’s annual meeting (Scaling New Heights: SASGOG 2020) continues to provide multiple opportunities and tracks for faculty development, networking, and mentorship. 

So, as you can see, SASGOG continues to move forward to support you as an academic generalist and your institution.   I hope to see you at our upcoming meeting and look forward to your continued involvement as we strive to INSPIRE and EMPOWER the academic generalist.

Best regards,

Amy Young, MD
President SASGOG