Happy Summer!

I hope some of you are in a cooler place.  It is very hot here in Austin, Texas. 

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we have gotten off to a running start building off the previous works of Dave Chelmow, Nancy Gaba and Lee Learman.  Luckily, they left us a legacy through their work and their vision, and we will continue this success as we move forward with SASGOG’s strategic plan. Through this work, we are better able to tell the story of our mission and create value for ourselves and others in our field as academic specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology, and support our members and departments in their professional quests.  To that end, the following is a brief update of the work we have been doing, organized to align with our strategic plan.  


1. Financial Stability/Organizational Structure
  • With our partners at Veritas, we have created and updated an organizational chart that includes all of the committee’s task forces, leaders and team support. It is continuously updated and available to you through the website. 
  • We have set the dates for our executive committee calls, board meetings, and annual meeting, and have begun the structuring of a master calendar that will incorporate the dates and times of the many various meetings of SASGOG committees, subcommittees and task forces.  This will enable the leadership team to better use our time and thus continue our involvement and excitement around the work we do for SASGOG.
  • As a means to diversify our revenue sources, we have created a Development Committee; therefore, we are honored to announce that Nancy Gaba and Todd Jenkins have agreed to co-chair this committee with the goal of identifying and cultivating new revenue opportunities.
  • Our history is important to us.  We continue to grow and know that it won’t be long before our founding members (and their stories) will be forgotten amongst all the new members and their stories. Therefore, I have requested that Chuck Hitt be appointed SASGOG Historian to chronicle our early history. 
2. Influencing the specialty
  • We have been solicited to identify nominees for the Board of Directors of ABOG--we have submitted two members for consideration.
  • We have been requested by ACOG to submit nominations for the Committees of Genetics and Adolescent Medicine and have developed a sustainable process for self-nomination and selection for those roles.
  • We have added Hope Ricciotti to the Communications Committee of the Excellence Foundation.
3. Professional Development Opportunities
  • We have developed and are continuing to develop a sustainable process for self-nomination and selection for various professional development opportunities.  Our goal here is to be as inclusive and transparent as possible while selecting the best candidate to represent us. 
  • We continue the work on scholarship through the book projects--Office Practice to be released in the spring, 2019.
  • We have gained access to two positions within the ABOG Excellence Research Program. (We will work with the new task force regarding a selection process.)
  • We have appointed a Research Task force, co-chaired by Mustafa Borahay and Lee Learman.
4. Career Development Initiatives
  • We must thank Todd Jenkins and Nancy Gaba for their continued work with the Division Director School.  Feedback from the annual meeting was very positive. 
  • We must thank Becky McAlister for kicking off such a strong Resident Reporter Program at our annual meeting, it continues to thrive. 
  • The Resident Reporters’ essays are posted to the website.  Take a gander as it will help keep you moving forward.  
  • The mentorship program led by Meg Autry and Mary Grace Elson was, and continues to be, a popular new offering at our annual meeting and the relationships and support are ongoing. 
  • I wrote a little piece for our learners and junior faculty to clarify the OG’s and GO’s of obstetrics and gynecology to help them understand the relationships of our major organizations and partners and how SASGOG relates. 
So, as you can see, we’ve had a very busy summer and we still have much to do!  Even so, I am sure I have not incorporated all the work that has been happening, especially at the task force and committee levels. Please take a moment to peruse the organizational chart so you are well-positioned to see the team and value that SASGOG brings to you and your institution. 


Amy Young

SASGOG President