Call for Pearls of Exxcellence Authors

SASGOG is seeking authors for the following new Pearls of Exxcellence:  

  • OB  
    • Management of prolonged latent phase
  • Office Practice  
    • Evaluation and management of bleeding in a perimenopausal woman (include management when uterus structurally normal, EMB does not show pathology, and including management of women failing or not tolerating progestin therapy)
  • GYN  
    • Fluid management at hysteroscopy (include commonly used fluids, fluid management systems, recognition of deficit, and management once recognized)
    • Laparoscopic port site hernias (prevention, wound closure techniques, diagnosis and treatment)

Each Pearl needs to have an author that has been a Board examiner for at least two years. Potential authors who have not satisfied the two year examiner requirement are invited to co-author, but will need to pair with a second author who meets the qualifications and can serve as mentor. The Editorial Board can assist authors in finding an appropriate mentor. The mentor is responsible for content, quality, and meeting the assigned deadline.

All authors must be certified by ABOG and be members of SASGOG. If you are not a SASGOG member, you can join on the SASGOG website.

If you are not familiar with the Pearls, the existing library can be found here.

If you are interested in contributing (or have questions), please email [email protected]